Wednesday, 4 February 2009

COMM TECH; Interests & Research

These are my interests for this brief. I did a fashion course before starting vis comm and i used a lot of these techniques before. I want to develop my skills and broaden my knowledge

Embroidery/ Applique;

In the context of sewing, applique refers a needlework technique in which pieces of fabric, embroidery, or other materials are sewn onto another piece of fabric to create designs,patterns or pictures.

(Carolina Melis)

(Eleanor Bowley)

Pyrography, Gouache;

Pyrography means "writing with fire" and is the traditional art of using a heated tip or wire to burn or scorch designs onto natural materials such as wood or leather. Burning can be done by means of a modern solid-point tool (similar to a soldering iron) or hot wire tool, or a more basic method using a metal implement heated in a fire, or even sunlight concentrated with a magnifying lens.

(Genevieve Dionne)

Soft sculpture/Manipulation;

Soft sculpture is a type of sculpture made using cloth, foam rubber and similar material.

(Sarah Barness)

These artists have gone on to design for magazines, music related flyers and posters, and advertising. A lot are free lance artist, creating pieces that are exhibited in art galleries and custom art.

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